Life Vision
We work with you to crystallize your vision in weeks 1 - 4. Insights from our calls and the work outside of our calls will inform your vision.

Life Strategy
Once a vision is in place we create a strategy to achieve your vision. We explore ten strategies and rate them according to your vision. Strategizing takes places in weeks 4 - 5.

Life Plan
A strategy needs a plan. During week 6 we work together using the materials provided to create a simple, clearly defined and focused plan together. This will be your tool for the future and something that will guide you on a weekly and yearly basis.

Set Personal Goals
With each session we will be uncovering what your true goals should be and then designing plans and actions to get them fulfilled.

Live Life as Passion-Filled Individual
We use a unique coach approach to uncover your true passions! We will ensure you begin living your life accordingly. 

"I always knew I should be someone, but I wish I was more specific."  - Lily Tomlin, Comedian

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The coach approach to fatigue, stress and illness uncovers the real cause. Often these symptoms are a results of a mismanaged mind, body or spirit. We look at the whole person, all the contributing factors and paint a very clear picture of the situation. Only through awareness of these factors will we be able to create a solution.
This coach approach to organization is about getting serious with your life. How busy are you? How well are you living? Organization Coaching enhances personal management, time management and work-life balance. We identify what is not working and what is working in your life. We set new boundaries, balance work and family and teach you self-management skills. We set a plan of action for clearing out the clutter, zapping tolerations, creating space for new energy and bringing high quality living into your life.
Relationships are the fabric of our lives. Connection with others is necessary for true happiness. Relationship Coaching enables you to more easily attract love, move on from a divorce or separation, date and be fabulous single, and have better relationships. You also build relationships skills such as communication & setting boundaries.
Calling all purpose seekers who want more from life. Uncover your life purpose, create a life strategy to change your life, focus on personal development, personal growth and self-improvement, create a life plan and love your life and your life work! We enable you to tap your most motivating passion and build positive momemtum for success.

Results oriented weight loss & health management coaching enables you to change your habits for life!  We offer wellness coaching programs for health and wellness management and weight loss. Weight loss & weight management coaching offers a holistic approach to weight loss for life. Our weight loss program will help you lose weight and keep it off for life. We consider long-term health management and find your true motivation for healthy living.
Life Purpose
Everyone is here for a reason and has an experience or gift that enables you to make a contribution to this world. This program enables you to uncover who you truly are deep down inside and what your contribution is meant to be. This is your purpose. We accomplish this by week 4.
Holistic Health Strategy and Plan
Being holistic we consider lifestyle, nutrition, ailments, blocks, metabolic state, mental/emotional strength, thought processes, motivations, and much more. We also get to the cause of any particularly unhealthy habits. And then we create a Holistic Health Plan with wellness goals that are tailored to your specific needs and are appropriately matched up with your personal motivations that we uncover during our sessions. We also offer options for improving your mental and physical health through optimum nutrition.

Diet, Nutrition and Weight Management Strategy and Plan
Everyone is different. Each of us has a chemical makeup that has been uniquely altered by environmental factors, illnesses and medications, nutritional intake, and activity levels. So when it comes to losing weight why do we all buy into these one-size-fits-all “diets” for weight loss? It’s clearly the appeal of the quick fix, which is what most fad diets offer. Fad diets help us lose weight in the short term but they don’t keep us thin forever, and they may very well alter the chemical state of your system to such an extent that it takes years to reverse and causes more weight gain in the future. We believe that you can create your ultimate diet with knowledge from the approaches of other individuals, but there are some basic things one should understand about his or her own unique biological and chemical state that will serve as a springboard to understanding how to create the approach suited to your unique self. Included are options for improving your mental and physical health through optimum nutrition.

We address motivation in each of the programs above. This is where we will go deeper to uncover your motivation to stick to your plan. Motivation drives momentum and momentum ensures your goals are met. This is a process of self-discovery.

Get Healthy!...
Overcoming Fatigue
We will create a plan for living a high energy life specific to your needs and your resources. Areas we cover include health and wellness, nutrition, ailments, mental health, motivation, purpose, work and physical space. We will provide a means of monitoring your performance on a weekly basis.

Adrenal Exhaustion / Chronic Fatigue
Perhaps you have adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, adrenal fatigue symptoms, adrenal exhaustion and are looking for adrenal fatigue treatment and adrenal fatigue diet ideas. 40% of Americans have some level of adrenal exhaustion.

If we are stressed and decide to exercise more to relieve the stress, this is great we are relieving some of the stress, but we haven’t gone deep enough to uncover the cause. Sometimes too we believe the cause is one thing, often an outside force, when actually is it is caused by something inside of us. Identifying the real cause of the stress is the first step in stress management. Often the real cause is buried deep within. The coaching process unveils these hidden monsters and creates a plan to tackle them.

Illness Management
We encourage you to take responsibilty and create a strategy for management and/or recovery. We also help you to find the motivation to recover and/or manage. A coach will not tell you what to do like so many people in your life may want to at this time. A coach will enable you to use your creativity, strength and intuition to make choices and take action to strengthen yourself.

Get control...
Balance Betweeen Work and Home
Here we assess 9 key areas of life and where adjustments need to be made. Then we set goals and actions for making those adjustments.

When we aren't taking care of ourselves and our lives we tend to have a lot of tolerations. A coach will help you name your tolerations and quickly zap them from your life.

We will review your boundaries and set new ones. We need to be clear about what our boundaries are so people know and can respond.

Time Management
Time plans are a big part of my work. We will look at realistic expectation setting and use of time. My clients tend to walk away with hours on their hands to devote to their new purpose.

Procrastinators no more, we enable our clients to get clarity around the cause of their procrastination and practice new behaviors that put this frustrating habit to rest.

Clearing the Clutter
Clutter is everywhere; in our homes, in our relationship and in our minds. Full awareness of the clutter is our starting point. Declutter and get organized in every area of life be it life, home, office, storage or closet organization. We will find the motivation and means to make it happen.

Motivation and Momentum
Uncover the motivaton to change is our catalyst. Momentum is our guarantee.

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Improve Personal Relationships
The quality of your relationships directly affects the quality of your life. Relationships are what keeps us together or drives us apart. The fundamental principle for building strong and lasting relationships starts with the relationship you have with yourself. How you feel about yourself  affects every aspect of your life. Self esteem is the key to success and failure.

Build Relationship Skills
Communication, listening, questioning, understanding and acknowledging. These are all skills we can all improve upon to ensure that our current relationships grow. Coaching will also help you to set your boundaries and live without fear of loss.

Attract the Right Relationships
Single? Dating? We attract people to us who match our energy. Attraction is also about knowing ourselves well enough so that we make educated decisions about who we want in our life. Choosing those people who enable us to grow is of the utmost importance. Knowing when to let go of relationships (friends, co-workers, partners) is important so that we open oursleves up for new people to come into our lives. A coaching program will help you to define who you are and who you want in your life. Then, we'll put together a plan of action and monitor the results.

Find Love
Are you attracting all the wrong people? Have you lost your intuition? Do you fail to set boundaries? Do you know what you want? They say we can't love someone else until we love ourselves. I agree but might add that we can't choose the person who is best for us if we don't know oursleves. All too often we choose the person we think is right for us (or for our parents or society). A coaching program will enable you to get to the bottom of who is the right person for you. Then, we'll create the actions that will bring that person to you.

Loss of Relationship
Recent break-up? Divorce? Separation? Here we take an objective view of the situation and begin to rebuild to prevent a cycle of loss. We will look at 9 key areas of your life to understand where we need to build. We will create a plan for a fresh, more fulfilling direction. This is a real opportunity for growth!

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